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Kaonashi Magnetic Artisan Tray

Kaonashi Magnetic Artisan Tray

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Store all your mag-ic goods - like artisanal magnets, keycaps, etc - with this No Face Magnetic Artisan Tray! With its secure, friction-fit, clear acrylic lid and magnetized bottom, you won't have to worry about anything going astray. Get creative and customize it to fit your needs - it's a spirited storage solution! This artisan case has two neodymium magnets embedded into them and will be made to order. This case is FDM printed and is super clean! The neodymium magnet size is 60 mm x 10 mm and the acrylic lid is friction fit! 

This magnetic case will be the first in an upcoming series of cases and will be available until the end of May. 

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