Update 08/15

Hello Everyone, 

It's time for the weekly shipping updates! 

Here's a list of all the ongoing projects that need to be resolved [some of these include remakes from broken artisans and missing shipments to international countries]

- Catbus OG (International buyers in Australia for some reason - Extras have been made and will be sent out on Thursday 8/17)

- Proto Rex (All shipments + giveaways are being sorted, there were some A-stock caps that developed a weird warping issue after the resin had fully cured so I remade some of them - no promises but hopeful for Thursday 8/17)

- Lydia Roo Artisan (All Lydia Roo artisans are ready to be shipped and will be dropped off sometime today [8/15])

- GumGum Fruit & Joyboy (will ship out on 8/17 as well, these were a ton of fun to make and Im hoping to do more One Piece inspired artisans!) [There are also some extras leftover]

- Kyohaku Artisans (I can finally share this publicly! The Kyogre sculpts are all made and sanded, some of them require a little touch up with some light sanding to make sure that they are near perfect. The blanks are also all ready. Those will go out hopefully on 8/17) 

Upcoming Drops: 

This week will be a Yugioh theme (finally) and will feature some super affordable artisans that are easy to make and have super nice details and cute qualities. Featuring sculpts like Kuriboh, Scapegoat, and a blank encap as well as a magnetic millenium puzzle! 

Next week will be Botanical colorways of the top voted sculpts (all sculpts will be voted on and the top two will get botanical colorways made for them). 

I am also preparing for keeblife as well as international travel on 08/25. I would like to have everything shipped out before then (the botanical sale will be shipped out after keeblife since I would have to juggle a lot).

Thank you all for your support. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions on Discord : ) 


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