Proto-Rex Update

Proto-Rex Update

What is up everyone,

I'll be debuting two sculpts this week -- Proto-Rex (heavily gundam inspired ; limited fcfs) and the Roo artisan in collaboration with Nainaigogo (limited raffle). I held off on releasing the Proto sale over the weekend since I wanted to conclude all old orders of business and try to make all of the artisans before hand (ensuring that they are all A-stock also impacts the time it takes). 

I used plasticity to model Proto-Rex and z-brush for final details and fitment. The artisan will be updated at some point with a shine through element once I get my pastels in. 

General Updates: 

  • Lydias Artisan will be dropping on Saturday
  • Proto-Rex will be dropping on Thursday
  • Starfire's Birthday artisan will be shipping soon
  • Kyo artisans will be shipping soon 
  • All remaining giveaways and remakes will be shipping soon


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