Post KeebLife Update

It was a pleasure to see most of you out at keeblife! I look forward to attending more meetups whenever I can : )

Here is a quick update. Ive gone ahead and sent out most orders on the 24th of August, most of you should have received them (there are a few outstanding international orders to Australia which will be sent out this week which require proper customs forms). 

I also need to send out Proto-Rex giveaways and one Starfire giveaway

My goal for this month is to create enticing artisans that people would want without breaking the bank. This includes new sculpts and old ones that people like. Here's an itinerary for the upcoming month:


Upcoming Project Estimated Date

Yugioh Week [Kuriboh, Escapegoat, Millenium Blank, *Exodia*, Pot of Greed, Time Wizardv2]

Late Sept. - Early Oct.

Keeblife Sculpts [Toro, Proto Rex, Blank]

Sept 7th

KKB Alhambra Collab [LION]

Sept 14th

Botanical [Toro, Proto Rex, Pot of Greed, Po Chan]

Sept 21st

Tik Tok Rework


Logo Rework

Evergreen Content (tutorials and creative process documentation) Oct.
Stationary Sept.
Pins Sept.
Single Unit Packaging + Bubble Mailer Rework Sept.
Diorama Project Oct.
Mold System Oct.


I will also be taking suggestions on my discord for upcoming sculpts for October (spoopy theme) in #ideas-and-feedback

Thank you all for your support. I'll keep you posted as soon as there's any updates :)

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