August Update: Week #1

Hello Everyone! 

Thank you all for your support on the last sale, it was a great showout and I appreciate everyone's support. I am excited to announce that I will be in attendance at Keeblife along with Keyzen! I'll be making some fun sculpts to bring along with me as well as some unique colorways! 

Here's a tentative release outline for the month:

Cap Date
Gum-Gum Fruit

August 4th

Gear 5th 

August 4th


August 10th


August 10th


August 10th


August 16th

Black Swordsman

August 16th

KeebLife Colorway Totoro and Gundam

August 25th (ships after keeblife)


I will be taking a break from August 24th until Keeblife! 

Here is an update for all shipping:




Mostly Shipped out, there are a few left that should be out this week


Almost completed production - Should be out sometime this week as well (tentative)


Sanding and QC - ready to be dropped off this week as well


Noticed an error on some of the ears, will be re-making a few of those and should have them out this week as well


Excited to see the upcoming One Piece week artisans come to life! These will be more affordable (around $40) and look really rad! I hope we can all enjoy them soon : ) 

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